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Ideal body system!

Losing weight without dieting from SYPB 30

Losing weight based on a proper balanced diet, moderate exercise and homemade beauty recipes. Thanks to our app, you will be able to understand how to lose weight, how to keep weight off, how to lose weight without dieting and how to eat right! how to keep weight off, how to lose weight without dieting and how to eat right!

With the Ideal Body System, you will quickly and comfortably lose excess pounds, gain glowing facial skin, silky hair and strong nails - everything you need to look perfect.

Losing weight with SYPB 30 is:

  • Good nutrition programs (All recipes are in the app!)
  • Moderate exercise programs (Lessons with pictures!)
  • Body care programs with home remedies (Recipes of natural cosmetics!)
  • Incentive system in the form of awards.
  • Ability to track every centimeter dropped (Your character will lose weight with you).
  • The possibility of developing an individual weight loss program depending on your goals.

SYPB 30 is the real story of your transformation.

The SYPB 30 weight loss system is based on the principle of rewards and incentives, allowing you to lose weight SIMPLE, easy and unnoticeable for yourself. From the first day with SYPB 30, you are engaged in an exciting game, the result of which will be your radical transformation.

Every day you will receive a plan for nutrition, sports activities and facial and body treatments. We have made sure that you receive the tasks well in advance. Your task is to follow the recommendations without breaking the rules of the system, so that the results will be noticeable from the first days.

We're all for convenience and no routine!

The system is based on a variety of nutrition, exercise and beauty treatments. Each treatment, sports activity or recipe is already described in detail in the appendix.

Collect your achievements!

You don't just shed pounds, we reward your weight loss with collectible themed awards! Share your achievements with your friends and receive awards and SYPB 30 badges!

Lose weight in a delicious way!

Especially for you, we have developed a variety of diet plans to help you lose weight. Losing weight with SYPB 30 you won't have to starve: we have taken care not only of the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also of the fact that your diet is truly complete. We've included a huge, easy-to-use collection of detailed recipes for delicious and healthy dishes, among which you're sure to find your favorite!

Going after a goal is easy!

Statistics will help you follow your body changes with the help of a detailed graph, convenient diary and original visualization of weight loss dynamics. By processing the initial weight specified during registration, the application creates a model of your body - a character losing weight with you. Visualization of the weight loss process allows you to track real changes in your body day by day, centimeter by centimeter.

Chat in the SYPB 30 chat room with other users!

You lose weight with SYPB 30, SYPB 30 loses weight with you!

SYPB 30 is not just about losing weight:

  • nutrition plan, moderate exercise and self-care with natural beauty recipes;
  • visualizing your weight loss weight loss chart;
  • water accounting;
  • reminders for meals, sports activities and beauty treatments;
  • statistics of completed tasks;
  • detailed recipes for proper nutrition;
  • beauty lessons at home;
  • sports exercises in pictures;
  • motivating system of rewards for completed tasks;
  • An individualized weight loss and self-care program tailored to your goals;