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Calorie counter from SYPB 30

Convenient, accurate, modern calorie counter SYPB 30 is an easy way to control your diet in any conditions. in any environment.

The largest database of food calories, user-friendly ergonomic interface, fast data entry and the possibility of personalization - that will help to control both weight loss and weight gain. the possibility of personalization - something that will help to control both weight loss and weight gain.

Accurate nutrition and exercise data makes it easy to monitor your diet during weight loss or dieting. The built-in water tracker allows you to keep track of your fluid intake.

The visualization of your body changes - a character losing or gaining weight with you - The visualization of your body changes - a character losing or gaining weight with you - complements the extensive and accurate statistics, which include not only the traditional daily diet, but also calculations of BMI, body fat percentage, metabolic age, and more, metabolic age and more.

For the accuracy of calorie calculations of the dishes you prepare, the counter includes a unique module recipe creation with the account of heat treatment (which changes the caloric value at the output), possibility to describe the cooking process, as well as to share your recipe in social networks. You can expand your personal database with the dishes of other users by using the the "add recipe by code" function.

The application chat is an easy relaxed communication with other users of the program, as well as a quick help with any arising questions of the administration and competent moderators. quick help on any arising questions from the administration and competent moderators.

A nice bonus from the developers - themed collectible rewards that motivate you on a daily basis.

Welcome to the SYPB 30 calorie counter, an app that is convenient to use every day.


  • The largest database of food calories and physical activity (continuously updated by the developer).
  • Ergonomic food diary.
  • Convenient and fast data entry.
  • Water Control Accounting.
  • Pedometer (only for devices with a step sensor).
  • Comprehensive statistics (control of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories, control of consumed water, weight and volume graphs, PFC ratio diagrams).
  • A variety of calculations (Mifflin-St.Jeor formula, John McCallum's body proportions calculator, WHTR Waist/Growth Index calculator, water consumption norm calculation according to your parameters, body fat percentage calculation, etc.).
  • Adding the physical activity and food to your calorie counter is quick and easy.
  • A unique way to add recipes: it takes heat treatment into account when calculating calorie intake.
  • A way to quickly add the other users' dishes you liked to your counter using a special recipe code.
  • Adding and editing meal times according to your own daily schedule.
  • Convenient training and meal reminders.
  • The character in the app who is losing or gaining weight with you to visualize your body changes is your perfect motivator.
  • Themed collectable SYPB 30 rewards for good nutrition are your perfect stimuli to lead a healthy way of life.
  • The SYPB 30 chat is a way to communicate with the app users, exchange your experience, and get technical support at any time.
  • Synchronization of data across multiple devices on Android or iOS platforms.
  • A large product base

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